Indepence Day

15 08 2008

What is independence day? Independence day is time to express our freedom. what is freedom? freedom is change to do what we want. freedom is make true our dreams, freedom is chance to express our opinion. ramaikan suasana tujuhbelasan with our kreatif ideas!!!

independence day is usually commemorated by celebration. such as competitions, bazaar and art performance. it’s all did for remember our heroes service to defend freedom long year ago. our heroes was fighted for take back our freedom us till die. so, we must menghargainya. remember what presiden Soekarno said, “Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang menghargai jasa pahlawannya”. so we must did it!!!

lets meramaikan suasana tujuh belasan in this year by think smart and moving forward!!!FORZA SMAXI, FORZA INDONESIA